Augmented Reality (AR): An interactive virtual world with the real world

Augmented Reality (AR) technology is so common these days yet, we are unable to observe it because we tend to …
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how ssd works

What is SSD and How it works (Simplest Explanation)

Modern Storage devices have evolved gradually with time and when it comes to storing data on your compute, you have …
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cover android tricks

3 Android Tricks that are Actually Useful 2020

There are many hidden tricks and features in Android that most of us definitely don’t know about. Some of these …
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instagram reels

Facebook releases an alternative of TikTok on Instagram

As we all know that TikTok has been banned by the Government of India due to the allegations on TikTok …
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What is Cryptocurrency?: A Beginners Guide

From the past few years, you must have come across the term “Cryptocurrency” or “Bitcoin” on which your brain must …
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why is a mechanical keybaord better

Why is a Mechanical Keyboard Better than a Membrane Keyboard

If you have ever watched a professional streamer or ever stepped into a gaming lounge, you may be familiar with …
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