3 Android Tricks that are Actually Useful 2020

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There are many hidden tricks and features in Android that most of us definitely don’t know about. Some of these features can be really useful in our day to day life. We have got some hidden tricks that you can use to ease out your daily tasks and can also impress your friends with. Whether it’s a trick to send WhatsApp message to a number that you don’t want to save or on-screen volume control buttons without downloading any app for it, we got you covered. So let’s get started with our 3 Best Android Tricks in 2020.

1. How to send Whatsapp without saving the contact in your device

This is one of the most useful tricks in our list, according to us, that’s why we put it on 1st. There are many instances when you don’t want to save any particular number or don’t often talk to a person or he or she could be the client whose number you don’t want to save but need to send a WhatsApp message related to work. Well don’t worry, we have a simple and easy trick for you to send WhatsApp message without saving the number.

  • Open any web browser on your smartphone, we will be using Chrome.
  • Type the following in the address bar wa.me/914444444411. Here 91 is the country code of India, you can replace it with any other country’s code. Followed by the contact number to which you want to send WhatsApp message.
  • A webpage will open where it will show you an option to “Continue To Chat”, click on the green bar and you Whastapp will open up.
android trick

You will be directly sent to the chat page with that contact in WhatsApp if that contact is registered on WhatsApp. If the contact is not on WhatsApp, the app will tell you that the particular contact is not on WhatsApp.

2. How to share a youtube video link that will start the video from a specific part

You must have shared a lot of youtube videos with your friends and family. Most of the time we want them to watch the complete video but sometimes we want them to watch a particular part of a long video. Mostly what we do is share the video and ask them to forward it to a particular timestamp. What if you can share a youtube link which when opened will start at a particular time at which you want it to start? This trick is very easy and helpful for smartphone users. This option is already available when we share a youtube video link on our computers, but it is not available on our smartphones. So let’s check out how to link to a specific part in a youtube video.

  • Open the youtube app on your smartphone, go to the video that you want to share. Click on the “SHARE” option on the bottom of the video.
android trick
  • You can directly go to the app where you want to share the video or just “Copy Link” of the video. Copying the link is easy as you can add the timestamp after the link manually.
android trick
  • Copy the link or just select the app, here we will be sharing a video on WhatsApp. Choose the contact to which you want to send the link with the timestamp and paste the link.
android tricks
  • Now you have to add the timestamp after the link of the video. Don’t worry, it is very easy.
android tricks
android tricks
When the receiver will click on the link, it will automatically start from the given timestamp

Follow the below method to add the timestamp and send the link to your friend. The video will automatically start at the particular timestamp that you added to the link of the video.

Depending on the URL, there are two ways to add a timestamp to the video:

&t=1m30s or ?t=1m30s

Use the ampersand(&) if the URL includes a question mark, like if it ends in watch?v=Sf5FfA1j590

Short URLs that are listed as youtu.be don’t have a question mark, so those need to use the second one, i.e. the question mark(?).

Here are two examples that jump to the same point in the video:



The time you choose can be anything: hours, minutes, or seconds. If the video should be started at 25 minutes in the video, t=25m is all you need to include. If it should be 10 minutes and 12 seconds, t=10m12s is how you’d write it. A 3-hour, 10-minutes, and 20-seconds timestamp can skip the minute field altogether: t=3h10m20s.

What you just have to notice is the URL type according to which you have to choose the starting of the timestamp i.e whether you have to use an ampersand(&) or a question mark(?).

3. On-screen Volume, Lock Screen, Screenshot buttons and more

It may have happened to you that your smartphone’s Power button or Volume rockers stopped working or got damaged. To overcome this situation in order to use your device, there are many applications on PlayStore which allow you to have multiple on-screen controls. But what if we tell you that there is already an option like this available in android? 

Yes, it is possible to have on-screen controls in Android without any 3rd party app, it’s called the Accessibility menu.

Steps to enable the Accessibility menu-

  • Open Settings in your Android Device.
  • Navigate to Additional Settings and click on it.
  • You will find an option named Accessibility, click on it.
android tricks
  • Now scroll down to Interaction Controls under which you will find an option named Accessibility Menu.
  • Click on it and Enable Accessibility.
android tricks
  • A small Accessibility Icon will appear beside your Navigation Buttons on the bottom right of your screen.
  • You will find multiple options in it such as Google Assistant, Power button, Volume Control, Recents option, Notifications, Lock Screen, etc.
android tricks

So, this trick could be really helpful to those who want to have these types of controls on-screen and don’t want to stress their Power button or have broken Volume Rockers.

These are some Android tricks which we found out to be Actually useful in our day-to-day lives and could save our time. Share these tricks with your friends and family. And don’t forget to share your views in the comments down below and share some other hidden features which you find helpful and want them on this list. Have Fun!


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