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Picking a UI Color is one of the most hectic jobs for a developer and also for a client. Maintaining standards and picking the right colors and shades for the UI of an application or a website is very important for some developers who do not take their jobs for granted and consider each part of development.
UI Color Picker app, developed by Liquid Blue Technologies, on Google Play Store is one of the best Color Palette generators out there where developers, as well as clients, can pick the right color and shades for their projects and can easily share the selection with the help of HEX Codes and RGB Values provided in the app, which reduces the confusion of color selection process.

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The main screen of the app shows multiple color palettes with a small Color Wheel icon on the right bottom of the screen.
Select it and a tray of General colors with names will show up from which you can select a color and the app will then show you color pallets of that particular shade.
To copy the code of a pallet, just tap on it and the code will be copied to clipboard.

To add a color pallet to favorites, just double-tap on the particular pallet and the color will be saved. To check ur favorite pallets, just go to the favorite tab.

To change from Grid view to a List view just tap on the option on the bottom of the screen.

Users can also change the RGB values of color and also select a Single color or create a Gradient of that color which makes this more versatile and unique.

One more interesting feature which this app provides is that the user can select colors from an image on their phone or just by clicking a picture from their camera.
This is one of the most interesting features that this app provides which I think is very unique and rare to find in other apps.
To select a color from an image of your gallery or from a picture that you clicked on your mobile, select or click the image and just tap on the region from where you want to choose the color from and the app will pick that color and show you the HEX code as well as the RGB value of that color.

The colors are industry grade and maintain their shade over all platforms.

Overall this is a Light and useful app for developers as well as for daily users who just want to pick colors for their personal projects and can share the exact color with HEX codes and RGB values with others.

Download the UI Color Picker app-


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