Free UC in PUBG Mobile (Google Opinion Rewards)

google opinion rewards

The popularity of PUBG Mobile is on its acme from the past couple of years and since its release, mobile gaming has never remained the same. PUBG mobile has almost 50 Million daily active players which are a huge number and marking your uniqueness in front of that huge number is quite a difficult task to accomplish. To make it easy PUBG Mobile offers you with Royale Pass and several skins from which you can make your character look different in the game (Skills are necessary too!) to stay unique in your way but for that, you have to spend your hard-acquired pocket money savings so that you can buy the in-game UC (unknown cash) to buy Royale Pass and skins.

Don’t worry, we are here to save your pocket money which you can invest in some productive work. Google Opinion Rewards app is the solution to your problems. So, let’s see how we can use this app to buy free UC in PUBG Mobile.

Overview of Google Opinion Rewards App

As we know already that Google has solutions to almost every problem and in this case, it is a less explored solution to our online subscription problems. Google Opinion Rewards is a survey-based rewarding app that rewards us with money in our google play wallet which can be used in any of the apps that is present on google play store (only).

Many of you must be wondering that “‘why does Google needs our opinions?”, The simple answer to this question is that Google’s business is largely based on advertisements and through advertisements they make a profit and you, on the other hand, are like a customer. To show you the advertisements that are more relevant to you, then Google has to learn from you about your online interest behaviors, that is the reason why Google needs your opinion. Another question that comes into your mind that “why are they rewarding us with money by just answering some simple questions?”, the answer is, Google is just a software which contains some algorithms on which it works, and to make a business out of it they have to constantly make it learn the searching behavior of customers through AI and no company/software can ever be sure that what does a customer need other than the customer itself.

According to your online behavior like on Google search, YouTube, etc. Google opinion rewards app sends you surveys which you can answer and as soon as the survey gets completed you will be rewarded with some money which will be credited to PlayStore wallet.

How to use Google Opinion Rewards credits to buy UC in PUBG Mobile

Before getting started let us bring it to your knowledge that collecting the reward from the app is as similar as you are saving your pocket money to buy a new PlayStation. In simple words collecting money from the app takes time, so you have to keep your nerves and be patient.

Step 1 – Download the Google Opinion Rewards app. (You can download from the link provided below)

  • Note: – Download it from the same google account from which you login to your PUBG Mobile account

Step 2 – In the app, select the same ID from which you are logged in ( your PUBG linked google account) when prompted and fill-up your basic information.

Now, Give answers to your first survey correctly.

You need to open your google opinion app daily and You will be getting 1 or 2 surveys. This is the only way you have to build your Google play wallet credit without really spending any of your money. (Good Things Take Time!)

Step 3 – When you save enough credit balance in your account then open PUBG Mobile and purchase the UC by spending your PlayStore wallet credits. And Enjoy!

There are several other options available but this one is the most Legit and safest way you can earn your PUBG Mobile UC without getting scammed or ripped!


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