How to increase Instagram Followers (Best Methods)

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Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms and is growing daily. Many famous celebrities and brands earn money on this platform. To learn more about how they earn money, check out our post on How Instagrammers earn money.

Most of you are here to learn how to increase Instagram followers. We will share some tips and methods by which you can increase your Instagram followers. We do not promote the use of any third-party app or any website to increase followers. It can be dangerous for your account to use such apps and websites who claim to give you followers in exchange of some money. Although you can use paid promotion if you want to increase followers in less time. But without good content, paid promotions will also not work.

The methods which we are sharing are mostly Optimizations that you can do to your profile and posts. And most of these optimizations work on your public pages and not on private profiles, as you know that it is easy to gain followers on public profiles. Although you can gain followers on private accounts also but methods to gain followers on private acounts are different which we will share in the future.

For now, we will tell you 4 simple optimizations that you can do to your Instagram profile and posts to gain followers organically.

Profile SEO

Profile SEO is the most important method to apply to your profile or page. This is a large topic which we have tried to cover in short.

Step 1: Recognize your Account topic or Niche

The first and foremost thing which comes under Profile SEO is Profile or Account topic or Niche. It means, about which topic is your page or profile is. If you have an Insta Page, it must be on some topic or for a particular audience. For example, if you own a meme page, you share memes and joke related content on it. If you have a page on Dogs, there you share your knowledge on dogs and their breeds. In the same way, you should know the topic of your page. We recommend making a Page on a particular topic for a particular kind of audience as it will attract them to follow your page.

People who want to increase followers on their personal profile and not on a page, there are many types of personal profiles and people don’t just follow you to look at your images, they follow you because you have something special. For example, A Singer. People follow a singer not to look at their pictures but to hear them sing.

The only profile type that can grab any type of followers is a profile of a Model. But, not all of us are models right?. So we have to find something unique in ourselves and try to post about that more and more. If you like to travel, then post more and more about traveling. Post images and videos of your trips. Suggest people about places where they can go for a vacation. So, the first thing is to find your talent and uniqueness and try to grab an audience for that.

Step 2: Choose Username and Name with keywords 

After recognizing your topic, the first thing you have to do is to choose your username and name of your profile or Insta page having the keyword of the particular topic. For example, if you are creating a traveling page, try to add ‘travel’ or any particular keyword related to travel in your username and page name. 

This step does not implement if you are creating a Personal Brand, for example, a model. Creating a personal brand is when you want people to know you with your name or brand name. For them, this step will not work as they need to share their profile more and more and do some paid promotions also in order to create their Personal Brand.

But, How this method of using keyword in username or name works?

When someone searches travel or some related to traveling, your profile will show up in the results and the more you work on your Instagram page or profile, the more frequently you will appear in search results. This is called ranking on the search page.

Step 3: Write an engaging Bio with keywords in it

Use this keyword or multiple keywords and write an enriching “Bio” about your page or profile and try to rank on those keywords by posting images and videos with those keywords in the caption.

The advantages of using keywords in your bio are, first, it will help you to Rank your profile in search and Second, if someone lands on your page, they do not need to check your complete profile. The first thing they will check is your bio and if you write an enriched bio using targeted keywords, it will give the user an idea of what they can expect from you and whether they should follow you or not.

So, try to write a bio with targeted keywords in order to rank your profile and gain followers.

Post SEO

Second and an important topic is Post SEO. Here we will explain to you how you have to optimize your posts (images, videos) in order to make them engaging for your audience and to target a particular audience.

You can’t just post an image or video without optimizing it. Optimizing your Post matters a lot if you want to grow your Instagram Profile Organically and without spending any money for promotion. If you optimize your posts, people will share it more and more and Instagram will promote it more and more in search results.

This method also helps if you use Instagram Promote to promote your profile, or you sell products on Instagram, or you do Affiliate Marketing on Instagram, you will get a higher conversion rate by this.

Step 1: Post quality content and write an engaging Caption 

You should post quality images and videos. Always try to post an engaging picture or video with great quality for better results. The first thing which you do after uploading your video or image is writing Caption (description). 

If you are writing a description of your post, try to make it long and interesting. Let’s take the example of a post to which is suggesting a product to buy. In order to get a high conversion on that product, write a long and descriptive caption about that product. Explain its advantages so that the user gets interested in buying it.

If you are writing a caption for an image, let’s take the same example of a traveling profile, try to write something interesting related to that place which is in the picture or video, or write something about traveling. You can use the help of google to write engaging captions.

Step 2: Use the power of Hashtags(#)

Don’t underestimate the power of hashtags on Instagram. hashtags are the most useful component to get Organic reach for your profile. If you want to rank on a particular hashtag (like #travelerlife) to grab a particular audience, use it in your post. The chances to get attention to your profile will increase. And always use popular hashtags to get more Audience.

We recommend you to use at least 10 hashtags in a post. You can use more but excessive hashtags can create a wrong impression on the audience and will appear like a Spam.

Step 3: Mention your topic related Profiles/Accounts

This is also a very interesting method to increase engagement. You can mention anyone in your post by using “@” followed by the profile name

But this does not mean you can mention a person who is not even related to that post or topic. Always mention only those people or Instagram pages, which are related to that post or that topic.

For example, you posted a picture of hills if you are a travel blogger and mentioning a singer in your post. This will create a wrong impression and also will make no sense to tag someone who is not related to that topic. Their audience will not interact with your post. Try to tag other Travel related pages on Instagram with large followers to get their attention. Sometimes these big pages share your post in their Insta story, which will bring their audience to your profile, and eventually, you will gain followers.

Step 4: Add location to your post

Adding a location to your post is one of the most neglected steps. You can target a particular audience based on their geographical location by adding location to your post. You can add your own location if you want people of your location to watch your post. Or you can add the location of the place which is shown in the post so that people in that Geo-Location can interact with your post.

These the all the steps under Post SEO that you can apply to your post in order to reach more and more audience.

Viewers Engagement

You want people to engage with your posts and profile more and more. The main reason for this step is that your account will always be in Limelights and people will visit your account for regular posts and videos.

Step 1: Add more and more Stories 

Try to upload more and more stories on daily basis. These stories can be related to your new post, can be a poll for your next post, can be questions which you want to ask your audience, or you can ask your audience to throw their questions at you. This will increase engagement between you and your audience and your audience will stick with you. But this does not mean that you don’t have to upload posts. Try to be regular with posts and make them more interesting and engaging using stories.

Step 2: Regular Live Sessions

Regular live sessions on Instagram will increase the trust of your audience on you. Interacting live with them is the most beneficial method to gain trust and more audience. People will know your existence and will believe more in you and your brand. If people start to forget about your page or brand with time, due to less engagement and interaction, your account will start to collapse.

So these are the 2 steps to increase engagement with your audience.

Follow and Un-Follow

This method is more important for people with few or 0 followers. If you have an account with around 300 or more followers, you can skip this method and just follow the above three methods regularly to increase followers.

The only thing you have to do in this method is to follow the people of the topic related to your topic and try to have a follow back. This is an old method but still works like charm for new accounts. When some follows you back, you can unfollow them.

Make sure that you can follow only 30 profiles in an hour. If you will try to spam follow, Instagram will impose restrictions on your profile which you definitely don’t want. So make sure that you are not following more than 25 to 30 profiles in 1 hour.

This method will bring some real audience to your profile which will engage with your posts as well as your live sessions and can give a startup boost to your profile.

So, these are the 4 methods that you can apply to gain followers on Instagram and start a new journey with an audience watching. You can earn money from Instagram like other famous Instagrammers but, for that also you need followers who can engage with your content. There are many Instagram celebrities and brands which earn a handsome amount and make a living by earning on Instagram and have made it their regular job. If you want to learn how these Instagrammers earn money, check out our post on How Instagrammers earn Money.

If you have any suggestions or question related to this topic, comment down below and we will be happy to help you.

Share this post with your Instagrammer friends and help them also to increase their followers using these Genuine methods and not using third-party apps and websites to increase their followers rapidly.


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